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We believe that every small business should have the opportunity to develop and from day one we wanted to find a solution where we could help as many small businesses as possible. Our solution lies in group coaching solutions!
Not only does group coaching allow us to help more businesses, but more importantly, it brings an incredible value to the participants as the contribution and sharing between business owners is priceless!


As a part of our group coaching strategy, we offer a variety of services and events to assist as many small businesses as we possibly can:



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Our Team

John Strange

John Strange


I began my working life with Rolls Royce Aircraft, helping with the research that led to the engine that powered the Concorde. I held that role until my wife, Chris, and I emigrated to Australia in 1969. On arrival in Australia I worked at the University of S.A., designing experiments for the students and lecturers, which was a great job, but the pay was insufficient to support us, once we started to have children.

Chris Strange

Chris Strange

Customer Support

I have worked with John for over 30 years; John as the systems and strategist specialist and me as the people person. The fact that we are opposites has certainly proven to be both complementary and successful as we have built and run various businesses over the years.

Danny Maher

Danny Maher


Danny Maher CFP DipFP has over twenty years in financial services and is a fourth generation local to Far North Queensland. Danny is a CFP and a practitioner member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), Australia’s peak professional association for financial advisers.

Krista Soerensen

Having graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Business and European studies back in Denmark, I thought it was about time to challenge myself with an international perspective of life. I moved my life to the other side of the world and settled down in Cairns to do my postgraduate studies. Now, as an recent MBA Graduate, it is time for another life changing event: transferring from being a student to being an employee!