team work

Some good news and some even better news

It’s now been nearly 11 months since Danny and John amalgamated their two practices.

The good news is that the amalgamation has been most successful. Not without its challenges of course, but the team has done a wonderful job of working

business edge

Finding Your Business Edge

After over 30 years working with and in small business, one of the most noticeable differences I’ve discovered between successful businesses and those that are unsuccessful, is very simple; the successful ones do the small, almost insignificant things well, all of the time.

The unsuccessful ones are always looking for ‘The

art of delegation

The art of delegation

Delegation is one of the most importaright while running a small nt and yet most commonly misunderstood elements of running a successful small business. In fact, this is perhaps the most important subject to master, if you’re ever going to get your work balance right while running a small business.

already know

“I already know that!”

This is a comment that I very frequently get when doing some sort of training program or speaking engagement or even meeting people one on one.

People say to me “John, I already know that stuff; tell me something new. Tell me something I don’t already know”.

business boomers

Business baby boomers beware

Last week I was in Sydney attending the Maus Business Consultants conference. As is the case with any of these sorts of conferences, I learnt a lot. One of the things that I’ve noticed in nearly 40 years of attending conferences, is that most of