Why Is It So? Part 2: Fear of Failure

I am trying to work my way through this subject of fear.Partly because it affects so many lives and partly to help me better understand my own fears and how best to deal with them.This is a subject I’ve read widely on, simply because too...

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Why Is It So? Part One: Fear

At the end of my last blog piece, I said that I would be posting part 1 of this series later in the week and that it would deal with fear.Now, that was nearly 2 weeks ago, and the reason for the delay is that...

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1. Why is it so?

For those of you that have a memory that stretches far enough back, you would have recognised the title from the science show with Prof Julius Sumner Miller.Now as much as I find science immensely engaging, this series of blogs is not about science. However,...

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Why Webinars are a Valuable Resource

Lately, I have been investing my time into attending webinars. I have learnt so much about them that I have been inspired to start making webinars of my own. Not only are they a powerful tool of communication, but a way to get information out...

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team work

Some good news and some even better news

It’s now been nearly 11 months since Danny and John amalgamated their two practices.

The good news is that the amalgamation has been most successful. Not without its challenges of course, but the team has done a wonderful job of working