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Chris Strange

Customer Support
I have worked with John for over 30 years; John as the systems and strategist specialist and me as the people person. The fact that we are opposites has certainly proven to be both complementary and successful as we have built and run various businesses over the years. Working with and being married to John for 47 years, has been great stabilizing influence on our staff and business and because of my love of taking care of people, I have been known as ‘mum’ to the rest of the team, and even some of our clients I have done many courses and training days on Client Service and know how to treat clients as I would like to be treated myself. I have always left the technical work to John and the team over the years and am quite happy to serve clients when they come in for meetings or call for appointments, or just listen when they need a sympathetic ear My hobbies are gardening, sewing and trying very hard to learn play the ukulele – a great little musical instrument, a fun way to relax.