John Strange

I began my working life with Rolls Royce Aircraft, helping with the research that led to the engine that powered the Concorde. I held that role until my wife, Chris, and I emigrated to Australia in 1969. On arrival in Australia I worked at the University of S.A., designing experiments for the students and lecturers, which was a great job, but the pay was insufficient to support us, once we started to have children. So I decided to try my hand at corporate life and set up The Wormald Safe Company in S.A., before moving onto Wormald Security Controls, by this time I realized I just was not suited to corporate life and so began my foray into the world of small business, which I have never left. The last 30 plus years have been spent running my own Financial Planning Practice, specializing in working with small business owners, especially those looking at a Self-Managed Super Fund. Since selling the practice last year I’ve concentrated all my efforts in finding the best solutions for small business owners looking to sell their businesses within the next 3 to 5 years. As a result of this research Danny and I have set up Your Business Freedom to help small business owners sell their businesses at the best possible price.