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Krista Soerensen

Having graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Business and European studies back in Denmark, I thought it was about time to challenge myself with an international perspective of life. I moved my life to the other side of the world and settled down in Cairns to do my postgraduate studies. Now, as an recent MBA Graduate, it is time for another life changing event: transferring from being a student to being an employee!
Not knowing exactly where to start my career I was lucky enough to meet John and get to know his vision and business. I soon realised that Your Business Freedom would be the perfect place for me to unfold my wings and learn how to fly. And John certainly did not waste his or mine time, but threw me into the deep end and put me in charge of my own project right from day 1!
I am happy to be part of a team where every day is about making life easier for small business owners! Working for Your Business Freedom gives me the opportunity to combine my MBA skills with practical skills and I could not have found a better place to grow my business development skills
My aim is to integrate 5 years of business studies with John’s +30 years of experience and together help our clients to run and grow their businesses better..