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At Your Business Freedom, we believe small businesses are the key to the success of the FNQ economy – and we want to help them succeed!
Too many small businesses are struggling across Australia, and too many business owners are left with a feeling that their businesses are taking over their lives. The businesses are running them instead of the other way around.




At Your Business Freedom, we are passionate about giving business owners their work-life balance back again. Every day, we strive to help as many small businesses to run and grow more successfully. Our mission is to put freedom and control back into the business owners’ lives and make it possible for them to own a business that essentially can run itself.




We believe that every small business should have the opportunity to develop and from day one we wanted to find a solution where we could help as many small businesses as possible. Our solution lies in group coaching solutions!
Not only does group coaching allow us to help more businesses, but more importantly, it brings an incredible value to the participants as the contribution and sharing between business owners is priceless!




As a part of our group coaching strategy, we offer a variety of services and events to assist as many small businesses as we possibly can:

Monthly Meetups – Seminars – Workshops – Online Courses – Webinars – Intensive Courses


Monthly Meetups are morning meetings where we invite a specialist in to present a topic that you would like to hear more about!


Seminars are typically a few hours in the morning or evening where we invite you along to value-packed presentation of some key business areas. During these hours, we will present and discuss how you best solve these issues in your business and we will make sure that you leave the seminar with new inspiration!


Workshops are typically presented as a half or full-day workshop where you can get hands-on with the issues you are struggling with in your business right now. It is a practical, interactive and intensive workshop where we guarantee that you will leave with some practical tools that are implementable in your business!


Online Courses is a range of courses that you can follow on your laptop or phone and in your own phase! They are packed with quality video tutorials, practical homework, self-assessment quizzes as well as the opportunity for you to chat with other course participants!


Webinars are 90 minutes’ interactive live sessions where we discuss current issues in business and strategies to overcoming these issues, and we will be answering questions as we go!


If you would like more information on what we offer and how we can help you, please send us an email on  [email protected] or give us a call at +0477778399.





Seminar: 12 Practical Solutions For The Time-poor Business Owner

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Monthly Meetups

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Online Courses: GET MORE DONE – How small business owners can achieve greater results at less cost!

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