9 Simple Steps to Effective Project Management


1. Define scope
This is the most important step you will take when managing new projects. You must start with the end in mind. Try to figure out what you want to achieve by managing a project and what the ideal outcome is.

2. Gather resources

Make sure to make use of all the resources you have available before you begin the process of project management, this can save a lot of time further down the line.

3. Plan ahead

How much time will you give to a given project? How long will it take? What will you need at each step of the process? A good idea would be to set aside a certain time every day or at least every week when you work on a certain project.

4. Be able to adjust

Sometimes the limits you have placed on a project may turn out to be unrealistic or unachievable given the circumstances. Be prepared to modify your targets if necessary and try not to be too disheartened when this happens.

5. List steps

Make sure you have written down a list of steps you will need to take to achieve a given project outcome. Once you break things down into small increments then it will be much easier to motivate yourself.

6. Check the timeline

Make sure to regularly check deadlines you have set for your project and whether or not you are on target. Adjust if necessary.

7. Get everyone together

Create a collaborative culture within a given project. When multiple people are bouncing ideas off of one another a far better outcome will be achieved.

8. Keep everything documented

Document everything possible for future reference.

9. Keep everyone informed

Make sure everyone is in the know when you achieve a certain milestone. This will create motivation and a continued feeling of achievement throughout the organisation.

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