A strange thing happened to me driving to work yesterday


I was on my own in the car. So what so strange about that?

Well, out of the 47 years I’ve been married, the last 37 of them I’ve worked virtually every day with Chris, my wife. So each day she has been sitting there in the passenger seat, ready

to talk about what we were going to do today.

However, on the last day of business, just before Christmas, Chris retired, so now I was on my own and it definitely seemed strange.

Chris has always been the people person in our partnership, making sure that in my desire to get all the technical and strategic stuff done, I never lost sight of the fact that in reality, it was all about people. All the thoughtful gestures that made us look so good and caring, nearly always had their origin with Chris.

The day continued to feel strange, as she wasn’t there, making sure that everyone in the office was OK and if not, seeing what she could do to help. So much of what she did went unnoticed at the time; it’s only in its absence that it has become visible. I don’t think I’ll be the only one in the office that misses her thoughtfulness.

In those 37 years, we have built several successful businesses together and although she has officially retired, she is still going to help Danny and I get our new business venture up and running, but it will only be on a part time basis until it’s operating successfully.

So for all those years of working with you and watching you put everyone else’s needs before your own, I say a very grateful thanks and do enjoy having the time to now indulge your interests and wants.

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