“I already know that!”

already know

This is a comment that I very frequently get when doing some sort of training program or speaking engagement or even meeting people one on one.

People say to me “John, I already know that stuff; tell me something new. Tell me something I don’t already know”.

My response.

is always the same “that’s brilliant, now explain to me how you’re implementing it”.

Their answer is almost invariably the same “well, I haven’t actually got around to implementing it yet”.

And therein lies the problem.

Many of us are searching for the silver bullet; and I say us, because we are all guilty of this at times. We’re looking for that one brilliant idea, that will completely transform us, our business, our families, our lives. In reality it doesn’t exist.

Success is not built upon that one brilliant idea that you get from somebody and you implement it and makes all the difference in the world.

Running a successful business, I liken to building a house. Now you could quickly cut down a few branches and erect some sort of temporary shelter. However, if you want to build something that is going to stand the test of time, then there is no quick fix.

To build a house of substance, we first have to ensure we have solid foundations. Only civil engineers can get excited about foundations, but just because they’re not sexy or appealing, that doesn’t mean we can overlook them or skimp on them; to do so will only lead to long term disaster and disappointment.

We next have to put up solid walls and so on and so forth, I’m sure you’ve got the picture.

This is what we all need to come to grips with when we’re working on our businesses; it is not one major thing that we need to do that will make a difference. What it is, is lots of little things that we continue to do on daily basis until they become habitual, they become part of us and our way of running our business.

And so we come back to my question; how are you implementing this? The secret lies not in the knowing, but in the execution. What you need to do is figure out how you’re going to implement it; implementation is what we all need to work on.

So to conclude, don’t waste your time looking for the silver bullet. After 40 years in small business, I can tell you it doesn’t exist.

What you need to do is find those little bits and pieces that you’ve already got notes on, and start implementing them regularly in your business and they will make all the difference in the world.

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